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“Artists—painters, sculptors, musicians—have long known that being attuned to the light, the ability to see deeply, connects us with the holy in a fresh and new way.”  
~ J. Brent Bill, Mind the Light: Learning to See with Spiritual Eyes, pp. 10-11


My artistic positioning or vision in a black & white world (photographically), focuses on a life spent in darkness. Trauma has set my gears in motion and as a survivor of an accursed traumatic childhood and adolescence I have been gifted to proceed onward where I view the darkness of humanity. To me, it is the only way not to repeat a historical account of a kind of trauma that penetrates the soul on a very real, very personal, and a very dark basis.

In defining myself as an artist, my existence, or state of being has depended, or evolved in a kind of realism as well as abstract manner of interpreting or transforming my own reality. To creatively express oneself in a black & white world is a personal choice. It has become who I am.